10 Lessons Learned - My Inaugural KI Journey

I would love one of those, but not at the current pricepoint.

Its honestly not worth it. I dont see any reason it lifts your game up any more than a regular controller. Id recommend investing in a fight stick before an elite controller. Its nice, dont get me wrong, but over all its not worth 100$ more than a regular controller IMO

On the one hand, a fightstick seems nice, I’ve never used one though, and I really dont feel up to relearning the whole game on stick. Add to that I dont really have a decent place to put the thing in front of my tv and having it on my lab doesnt seem comfortable either…

I dont like it in my lap either so what i do is i use a small folding stool i got from walmart…I roll up a typical fleece blanket into a burrito lol…and I place it at the back of the stool seat,then i set my fight stick at an angle…just like it would be at an arcade. The stool is all the way up to my couch between my legs…its perfect!

man FS is so much better than a pad… it takes a few weeks to get down but once you got it its so much fun…plus the fact htat its like a collectors piece and art work is fun too

Might consider one, would depend on other fighters on xbox though, at the moment done with MK X, and nothing else to look forward too, always been a street fighter guy myself, but dont feel like getting a PS4 for it (already dont have time to finish all my xbox games). Besides, dont know if I could easily go back after KI. Like I said somewhere else, always had fun with Mortal Kombat & M vs C, but havent enjoyed a fighter as much as KI since the Street Fighter 2 era.

And those sticks arent cheap either…

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Controllers are very personal, so there is no one “correct” answer. It’s fun to watch a KI tournament and see the parade of different controllers (I like watching Sleep tuck his in his hoodie pocket, lol).

I do just want to say that there is a certain point after which your equipment may be hampering your enjoyment of the game. For me, it shows up quickly because I really prefer to have the buttons at my fingertips rather than on my thumb. I spent years learning to play SF2 on a pad, so I am functional with the motions but I loathe needing shoulder buttons for attacks and especially for double button presses.

One thing you might think about, whether you are considering the Elite controller or a fightstick: Although they are expensive you might want to think about cost/hour compared to other things. According to Xbox’s statistics, I have burned 614 hours playing KI. That means (not even counting time spent in other fighting games) my TE2 has cost me roughly 30 cents/hour. That’s a pretty solid investment. The math is similar for an elite controller. No one expects to see their game suddenly jump to the next level, but if you are spending thousands of hours a year gaming you might want to think about doing it with good equipment. I actually think the default X1 controller is really good, but if the Elite fixes some problem for you it’s probably not that exorbitant - considering how much you might use it.


Wow! that’s a great way to tell my fiancee that my custom stick was worth the investment! Im going to have to figure that one up when i get home…thanks!

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there are a few things I encountered aswell as a relative new player that I hope someone might help me with.

My understanding is that when you start a combo and the other person chooses wrong he is locked out. I always assumed I could just casually complete my combo then.

However I have been noticing since I’ve been in ranked more, that sometimes there is a second time to break the combo, how does this work, do I make my combo’s too long and give the opponent time to recover?

Also, full auto barrage (TJ Combo), I need to understand this for story mode completion, however I just cant get it to work, even after following someone elses directions I saw here on the forums somewhere.

And finally, what does ‘tec’ mean, I keep seeing the word, throw tec, this tec, that tec…can someone explain?

Tech" means “Tech the throw” - If someone grabs you you can escape the throw by hitting throw at the same time. = Tech the throw"

Auto barrage is easiest if you only hit the buttons 1 at a time…never “mash the buttons” as in…Im going to press the button multiple times to ensure i get my move in. Try opener, Hvy punch AD, mp,lp,hk,mk,lk. that should do it…you must do opener and auto double before starting the 5 single button string of Auto Barrage.

Lockouts are a timer of which you cannot be broken. Watch the symbol above their head as the color in the symbol will “drain” like a timer. once it runs out they can break. End your combo before the timer runs out or try to mix up you strengths at that point to were they lock out again… or hit em with a counter breaker if they tend to break at that point every time.

Hope this helps

See, didnt know about the timer, amazing how much stuff I miss (sometimes from being from a non English speaking country).
What does the word tech stand for by the way?

That full auto barrage is going to be the dead of me, I can already tell I will be having a hard time with it.

Also, because I just thought about it, I hear a lot about move cancels, how does that work, is it the same for each character, and when do you use it, like a fake out? Seems pretty difficult to master to me then…

…this game can be brutally fast sometimes.

Anyways thanks Seraphs! Always see you being helpfull in the forums appreciate it :smile:

Honestly I have no idea what “tech” really stands for lol

Auto barrage is easy , just think of it in a slower way… count with the punches
Opener-AD- 1… 2…3…4…5 (Slowly…1 button at a time…never hit the button twice or you will trigger the Advantage ender to the gut)

Special cancels is when you do a move and cancel in the middle of the move into another special move. SO lets say Fulgore does a fireball…he can immediately go into a dragon punch before the fireball gets out if you are fast enough. (Its costs Fulgore 1 pip though)

You can cancel pretty much any move in the middle of a combo into a linker or shadow linker. Just play around and do a new move in the middle of an auto double or link and you will see the cancel.

Its a lot to learn and take in but your in the best place to learn all this stuff… just read as much as you can and ask questions…before you know it you will be helping new players too!

I hope they implement an online training mode, could use a few good players to walk me through a bunch of things, reading about it is always so abstract…

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You can still practice online…you just under a timer and you cant have infinite meter like in training. But Im pretty confident this will be a new mode in S3.

Hit me up if you want to practice. Im in central time zone and on from 5pm-10pm central time 7 days a week

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Might be a bit difficult, since about now is my bedtime, just past 11pm here.
But if I catch you online, I’ll take you up on it :smile:


I personally used the dpad when I was playing controller. Grew up playing fighters on a controller, so dpad is preference for me. Thumbstick just feels too slow for fighting games to me, with dashes in particular being much slower than what you can pull off on the pad.

Unless you’re REALLY into fighting games in general or KI in particular, I actually don’t recommend picking up a fightstick if you aren’t used to them. They do not magically improve one’s execution, and there is a considerable learning curve to them at the onset. While I did make the switch (and don’t really regret it), I just mostly see it as an unnecessary investment for someone who isn’t already familiar with the input style.

There are definitely some things that are easier on stick (playing Glacius in S3 will almost require it), but there are also things that are easier on pad. I think button layout is much better on stick for example, but I personally hit motions more quickly/consistently on pad. Stick’s are better for long play sessions though, and they’re a lot more durable than a controller if you’re putting a ton of hours into the genre. If I’d been patient I probably would have been best off with a fightpad, where you get the dpad as well the 6 button layout.

If you want one feel free to get it and learn; I did and I’m pretty happy playing on stick. But definitely don’t think it’s necessary or required to help you with something like left/right special execution - people are often weaker on one side in fightstick world too. :slightly_smiling:

“Tech” is an abbreviation of “Technique.” I’m sure for throw tech it started out as “throw cancelling technique” or something like that. You may also see the abbreviation “tech” used for any sort of complicated strategy or technique that a player develops. e.g.: “Did you see that Sadira tech CDJr. was using? That was sweet!”

@FallofSeraphs76 has pretty well answered the rest of your questions. I’m pretty sure you are already on my Friends list. Good luck out there and maybe I will see you around.

Wow, let me reply firstly by saying…this is, not great but actually an astouding community response. Of course most of the messages were about some of my struggles on the right but that’s perfect. I was actually wondering about a fight stick as was. So I’m just lucky that the conversation branched into it.

I have to go back and re-read some (I’d been off a bit this week, it’s TMI but I lost a son less than 3 months ago and it makes my moods and struggles unpredictable…but also why I love gaming as a getaway right now, anything that can take your mind off the burden).

Anyways I appreciate the feedback, and on a last note…the more I play this game…the more I love it. The opposite from most where you get tired of it. I’m still learning, but the more I get, the more I understand about all characters (and more coming!) is just exciting. I have a couple other games in the wings, always plan on playing them later but get stuck on KI learning a new move, completing a trial, going for 20 ranked wins with a character or working on my shadow.

So wow my intensity and love for the game grows deep even if it’s only been a bit over a month since I got serious. I will read and think about fight pads. But for now I am thinking d-pad versus stick. I happened to be using Saberwulf tonight, and since him running back and forth matters so much I started using some d-pad for back and forth. Not something I usually grab onto. Anyways…thanks for the responses. I’ll read and reply more in depth tomorrow hopefully.



I’d say, if noone’s said it already that tech probably stands for technology… Or technique… that kind of thing at least. As was stated above, it’s also used as a way of talking about strategies etc - “did you seee that new Aganos tech I learnt the otherday?”

Glad you’re enjoying the game. We need to run some sets sometime.

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Dude can I say THANK YOU. quarter circles are the bane of me. I finally got the Endo’s down but I could not for the life of me figure out Tiger Fury. While I still can’t finish the dojo lesson this does help.

Everyone always preaches “practice” yeah no crap. However having a visual or written representation of the executions help visual learners like myself.

I disagree with you on this point. So let’s just say that someone new decides to get KI and chooses to train with AI opponents on beginner or even medium. How in any way is that useless? If they want to get better at the game and even stand a chance towards the monsters on online matches, then they need to start off with facing against opponents of their skill level. I’m sorry, but this point doesn’t make any sense.