0x80070490 when trying to purchase Kilgore or the second Ultimates pack

I had initially been having issues with the in game store working for some time. I then bought Kilgore and tried to download the second Ultimates pack from the windows store not realizing it was marked only as XBox One and not PC. Now that I’ve resolved the issue with the in game store whenever I try to buy Kilgore or download the second ultimates pack it gives me an error of 0x80070490. I was able to buy Shin Hisako and get the first ultimates pack along with the gold and terror skins just fine so it just seems to be affecting those two things I happened to try to get from the windows store. Unfortunately I don’t own an XBox One so I’m somewhat at a loss here. Not sure if that’s what would have been affecting it or if there’s any way to resolve this.