Shin Hisako General RAAM Talk all things General RAAM here! Kan-Ra Kan-Ra rises! Accidentally freed from captivity by Ultratech, this powerful sorcerer wields dark magicks and powerful curses against all who would defy him. Maya A member of a secretive clan of monster hunters, Maya ventures out of her hidden city after Ultratech forces attack her home. Wielding the ancient blades of Temperance and Vengeance, Maya is determined to destroy the ancient horror Ultratech released from the city, and avenge her father’s ■■■■■■, cutting down any who stand in her way. Eyedol Discuss Eyedol, the 8th Character of Season 3 in this subforum. Mira Glacius Honor-driven Glacius has returned to Earth as protector against misuse of the technology he was forced to leave behind after his last journey. Finding his ship’s power core stolen, Glacius is determined to locate the thief and undo any damage caused by his abandoned tech. Shadow Jago Discuss anything and everything about Shadow Jago here! Rash Beloved Battletoads brawler Rash will join Season 3 of Killer Instinct as its first guest fighter. This ram’s horn spouting, speederbike riding, wisecracking dude was not always an amphibian. Once upon a time he was a human named Dave Shar who got sucked into a computer game and transported to another planet ruled by the wicked Dark Queen. Now Rash is back on Earth and ready to crash this KI party. Arbiter More info here soon, but for now discuss all things about the Arbiter! Cinder Transformed by Ultratech’s experiments, ex-commando turned thief Ben Ferris becomes Cinder, a half-human half-alien hybrid that burns with the power and fury of a sun. Searing a path of destruction through his enemies, Cinder’s mastery of fire is equaled only by his cocky attitude that makes opponents burn with rage. Tusk Gargos Aria The enigmatic CEO of Ultratech, ARIA, steps out of the shadows and into battle. Driven by her core programming to uplift humanity, ARIA carries out a ruthless test of adaptability and evolution as she assaults her opponents with unique combat drones, shifting her identity between them at will. Her rules of conflict are simple: evolve… or die. Fulgore A new Fulgore is online, with a singular directive: ELIMINATE ENEMIES OF ULTRATECH. Riptor Ultratech reveals the newest addition to its ever-growing brand of military products, the Riptor battlefield infiltration and disruption unit! Plasma claws, internal flame generators, and cybernetic tail extensors are combined with a natural predator’s advantages. Don’t wait! Genetic assembly pods are filling up now. Order yours TODAY! Spinal Awakened after centuries, and under the control of an ancient artifact, Spinal’s sole quest is to find the Mask of the Ancients. The relic was used to give him life and bind him to this world. Spinal’s hope is that once it is in his possession, it will grant him freedom. Eagle Coming in June... TJ Combo Not willing to admit defeat to younger challengers, TJ resorted to illegal cybernetic implants to keep his title of world champion. When discovered, he was stripped of his title and his world crumbled. Years later, determined to prove himself and regain glory, TJ rips out his cybernetics and returns to the fight. Sabrewulf Having endured agonizing procedures to remove his freakish cybernetic implants, Sabrewulf feels no closer to reclaiming his humanity. Barely clinging to sanity, he nurses an addiction to ancient medicines and artifacts which seem to slow his descent into savagery. Orchid Paranoid, unstable, and disavowed from her agency, Orchid is determined to carry out her crusade against the dismantled organization, Ultratech. In war-torn Eastern Europe, she sets out to build an underground network that will prove Ultratech is still active. Kim Wu "If we were to do Season 3 of Killer Instinct, we would definitely have Kim Wu return." - Adam Isgreen Jago After a lifetime devoted to purity and discipline, Jago is tortured by the knowledge that the last vestiges of the evil Tiger Spirit, Gargos, remain within him. He sets forth to discover an opponent strong enough to purge Gargos’ corruption in the crucible of combat. Sadira Leading the Red Eyes of Rylai assassins, Sadira has long observed the fighters of previous tournaments. Ordered by a shadowy figure to “prepare the way,” she has chosen this moment to reveal her singular purpose: eliminating all former competitors. Kilgore Just announced in our latest Patch Notes video: KILGORE! Thunder Unable to let go of his grief and consumed by the mysteries that still surround the loss of his brother Eagle, Thunder strikes an accord with an unfamiliar figure in exchange for recovering Eagle’s remains so that he can be given a traditional burial and both can find peace. Hisako Cut down centuries ago while defending her village from renegade soldiers, Hisako’s eternal sleep is disturbed by Ultratech’s machinations. Risen from the grave, she now hunts the perpetrators who have defiled her family’s resting place and stolen their artifacts. With her father’s shattered Naginata in hand, Hisako tirelessly hunts the perpetrators, dragging them all into the spirit world for judgment. Omen The dark manifestation of shadow energy, Omen, Herald of Gargos, is born. Shepherding in the return of Gargos, Omen enters the Killer Instinct universe ready to wreak havoc on any who would oppose his mission. Featuring a radical mix of zoning tools and up-close aggression, Omen is a wildly chaotic addition to the Killer Instinct roster. Do you dare to use him, and risk falling under his control? Aganos Bent to the will of his long-dead king, Aganos has had his fill of war across the centuries. Awakened from a long dormancy by the revival of his long-time enemy Kan-Ra, the king’s final order compels him to act once again. Now he’s on a hunt across the globe, seeking Kan-Ra so that he can end the sorcerer’s evil machinations once and for all.
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